72v20ah lithium battery or a 72v20ah lead-acid battery, Which one is better.

December 16, 2019

The most of question which we have received from end user for EV  is which one is better?  Lithium battery or  lead-acid battery?


My friend told me "I'm struggling to buy a 72v20ah lithium battery or a 72v20ah lead-acid battery. I mainly want the battery to be durable and can actually run 50 kilometers. Now most batteries say that 80 kilometers can actually only run 50 to 60 kilometers" 


We share our experience as below:


If the original car is a lead battery, it is not recommended to change the lithium battery. Spending more money does not help for improve the circle life. and you need to change the charger as well


If the original car is a lithium battery, you can only choose a lithium battery, because you can't fit the lead battery, you can only install a lithium battery,


If you buy a new car, you will be optimistic about the lightweight and simple lithium car.

The Lithium batteries are mainly lightweight but it is expensive


Lead batteries have high residual value and are more likely to be stolen