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Attention For Using Lithium-ion Batteries

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Here is the signed PI. Thank you , We hope

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12V 110Ah battery pack for solar product I like your solar battery pack. Good quality and delivery fast.

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The battery pack is more atractive for us . May I receive drawing of other pack 12V 20AH with dimentional info ? I need 50pcs to test .

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Pictures show a nice battery pack, performance is ok , We need serial connected 4cells (4S1P) configuration with protection circuitry

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Thanks for your input, we have checked each and every think and on our side every thing is great. Just proceed to submit the company documents to get approval.

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Attention For Using Lithium-ion Batteries
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What matters should be paid attention to when using lithium-ion batteries?


1. When the power is turned off, the lithium battery should not be overcharged or overcharged

The battery should be charged before there is no electricity, so that it is not easy to destroy the rechargeable battery. It is recommended that the battery charging time is within 2-3 hours, not necessarily full, but the lithium battery should be full, and pay attention to charging and discharging every 3-4 months. No matter what brand or type of lithium electronic device you use, if the battery is overcharged once, and for a long time, it will destroy the rechargeable battery, and more serious conditions may even occur. When charging a lithium battery, it is necessary to prevent excessive battery charging, and there is no need for a lot of charging and discharging and battery charging. However, after about thirty battery recharges, the integrated ic for output power testing will automatically charge and discharge the battery, so that everyone can better assess the condition of the rechargeable battery in hand.


2. The working voltage of battery charging shall not be higher than the working voltage of battery charging, and the working voltage of charging and discharging shall not be less than the working standard voltage The lithium battery must continue to maintain the working standard voltage. If the working standard voltage is too low in the natural environment, the actual operation of fully automatic charging and discharging will occur, which will endanger the specificity of some pears in lithium electronic devices to a very large level and cause them to suffer damage.


3, prevent high temperature during application In the application, try to reduce the high temperature, otherwise, if it is soft, it will reduce the service life, and it will cause more serious. It must be noted that if some of our machinery and equipment apply AC current during work, the rechargeable battery should be removed.

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