AutoX wins California operating license, no taxi has been on the road

July 13, 2019

RoboTaxi driverless taxi service, are you interested in learning about it?

Although China and the United States are currently advancing in the field of autonomous driving, the United States, where the commercialization model is everywhere, is clearly a step faster in the automatic driving.

On June 18th, US local time, the California government regulatory authorities approved the issuance of Automated Vehicle Pilot Permits to AutoX.

This means that the Chinese-based driverless company has been able to offer RoboTaxi services to Californians. This is the first Robotaxi operation service in California's history, officially proclaiming California's entry into the era of autopilot taxi operations. Can be seen as a major milestone in the commercialization of autonomous driving.

Maybe you will say that Waymo has already started RoboTaxi operations in Phoenix, but you should know that Waymo's services can only be operated in restricted areas, that is, in the four suburbs of Phoenix City, with a total area of ​​only about 258 square kilometers, and only for the previous Users who have participated in the testing service.

As for this AutoX and Pony. Ai got permission to allow its unmanned taxis to operate publicly on public roads throughout California, except for special roads at the airport.

But there is no doubt that RoboTaxi still needs to be equipped with a safety officer in the driving position, and the vehicle must not pick up other passengers in the middle.

But in any case, this time China's driverless companies are ahead of the commercialization.

Only two days after receiving the relevant operating licenses in California, AutoX received the first batch of intelligent networked vehicle road test licenses jointly issued by Guangzhou Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Public Security Bureau on the 20th.

For companies like AutoX who are eager to study L4/L5 autopilot, deep cooperation with car companies is undoubtedly a win-win situation. In the recent April, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. led tens of millions of dollars in A3 rounds of financing, which made the low-key AutoX surface. This investment is the biggest investment of the mainstream Chinese car companies in the L4 driverless field.

As a company specializing in L4/L5 self-driving full-stack solutions, AutoX has set up its China R&D headquarters in Shenzhen, a high-tech company, and has jointly designated an unmanned demonstration zone with the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The driverless demonstration team, while expanding the national market.

In addition to advancing the autopilot landing in California, AutoX has previously captured complex road conditions on the streets of Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

Thanks to AutoX's xUrban artificial intelligence system's ability to learn and adapt to new road conditions, AutoX's test vehicles have captured the extremely difficult unprotected left-turn judgment and driving, and can be used for small objects including pedestrians and electric bicycles. Identify.


Compared with China's complicated road environment, it is a reasonable path to prioritize commercial operations on the roads in the United States.

At the same time, the large amount of test data accumulated in China's complex road environment is more conducive to improving the training efficiency of the driverless system. Combined with the technical advantages of the US team, the international autopilot companies such as AutoX can carry out faster. The results have been transformed.

After implementing the RoboTaxi driverless taxi operation in California, I am afraid that it will not be too far to come to China.