car battery maintenance tips in winter

August 23, 2019

car battery maintenance tips in winter


Lithium Power World News, as the cold weather continues, many auto repair shops have recently received reports from customers that the vehicles have problems due to low temperatures. The problem mainly lies in battery loss, vehicle jitter and so on. In this regard, after-sales experts reminded that although the winter is limited in the Foshan area, when using the vehicle at temperatures below 10 °C, it is necessary to pay attention to some details different from the summer car.


Question 1: Three days without driving, no electricity

Many auto repair shops have significantly increased the business of car owners in recent days. According to professionals, the car's power consumption has increased in winter, and it has been used for more than three years. Once the vehicle has stopped for two or three days, it is very prone to loss. Many car owners are accustomed to insert MP3s, car phone chargers, etc. in the car, which makes the unbearable car battery worse. The solution is simple: if you don't need a car for a long time, it is best to drive it out for about 15 minutes after about two days, which can effectively alleviate the loss. In addition, remember to turn off the lights and pull the plug after using the car every day to avoid unnecessary loss.

Question 2: Easy to shake after the cold car starts

After the cold car starts in winter, the vehicle shakes far more than in the summer. In order to avoid the wear of the car engine and components, many car owners even extend the idling time of the vehicle until the jitter stabilizes, and the professional points out that the winter hot car is not the longer. The better.

According to reports, the reason for the large vehicle shake in winter is because the weather is cold and the fuel is not fully burned during ignition, which causes jitter and leads to more and more engine carbon deposits. Parking and idling after the cold car starts will only increase the carbon deposit. The general principle of the hot car is still to see if the engine speed returns to the normal level. It is best to slowly increase the speed of the first three or five hundred meters on the road. Don't rush to step on the gas pedal. In addition, if the vehicle shakes too much, it is best to send a professional agency to check.

Question 3: Driving the door is powered

The dry weather in winter causes the car to be static. When the owner pulls the door open, the car will be “squeaky” and suspected that the vehicle is leaking. The way to solve the static electricity of the car can be more car washing, periodic waxing, and reduce dust adsorption inside and outside the car. At the same time, the owner can wear more cotton clothes, drink more water, apply hand cream, etc., which can effectively prevent the static electricity generated by the human body. In addition, if the air conditioning is turned on in the car, the external circulation of the air conditioner is often turned on or the window is opened to breathe, and the static electricity in the car can be effectively avoided.