Do your electric car lose power when it accelerates? your battery is not broken.

November 5, 2019

Do your electric car lose power when it accelerates? your battery is not broken.


With  the development of China  economy, many families are inevitably buying a scooter. However, after buying a car, the cost is relatively high, and there will be difficulties in parking or traffic jams, so buying an electric motorcycle or electric bicycle has become the first choice for many families.

Friends who have used electric vehicles should know that if they are formed in a short distance, riding an electric car is more convenient than a car, and the cost is also extremely polar. According to the current market, an electric vehicle can be fixed for two or three thousand yuan. It is not too much trouble to charge every day. After all, the electricity bill is much cheaper than the fuel fee.

However, the electric car has a flaw. It is that the battery's power will become abnormal and not durable for a long time. Sometimes even if a new battery is replaced, there will be a situation of virtual power, especially when accelerating, originally 100%. The amount of electricity immediately became 80%, which forced people to wonder if the battery was broken or the design flaw of the electric car.

In fact, it is because the battery is too environmentally friendly. In the previous battery, there was something called cadmium. Although it can reduce the resistance in the battery and improve the conductivity, it can improve the performance of the battery. However, because the cadmium is not environmentally friendly, if the battery is old, the environmental pollution is too serious. The batteries produced later were all free of cadmium.

There are advantages and disadvantages, because cadmium has not been replaced by other materials. After the battery has no cadmium, the battery has become more environmentally friendly than before, but the efficiency and durability have not changed as before. It is common for batteries to consume power quickly. If you see a sudden decrease in power when you are accelerating, it is because the electricity is virtual, and it is more likely that you have not started the electric car for a long time. This kind of environmentally friendly battery, even if you don't ride, the battery will sneak away.

Che Yujun believes that electric vehicles bring convenience to people, and should not be a reason to pollute the environment. Therefore, the emergence of such environmentally friendly batteries has advantages and disadvantages, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. This drawback may be due to battery technology. The improvement is made up, but if the environment is destroyed, it will be difficult to make up for it.