Electric era! The Electric Commercial Aircraft Of Worlds Was Tested Successfully

December 17, 2019

Electric era! The electric commercial aircraft of worlds was tested successfully


On December 10, local time, Harbor Airlines, the largest seaplane airline in North America, and magniX, which powers electric aviation, announced that the world's first fully electric commercial aircraft has successfully flown. According to magniX CEO Ganzarski, this historic flight marks the beginning of the third era of the aviation industry-the electric era.

Greg McDougall, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Harbour Aviation, said: "Today, we have made history and I am extremely proud of Harbour Aviation in redefining the safety and innovation of the aviation and seaplane industries. Aviation history has always played an iconic role as part of this incredible first milestone in the world, and we can all be proud of it. "

Earlier this year, Harbour Aviation announced a partnership with magniX and intends to build the world's first fully electric commercial seaplane fleet. Magni500 was unveiled at the Paris Air Show in June 2019.It is a high power density electric propulsion system that provides clean and efficient power for aircraft. Today, the plan is implemented and made a reality.

"In December 1903, the White Brothers used powered aircraft for the first time, creating a new era in transportation-the era of aviation. Today, 116 years later, with the first flight of an all-electric commercial aircraft, we have begun the era of aviation electric." Chief executive of magniX Officer Roei Ganzarski said. "Since the late 1930s, the transportation industry, especially the aviation industry, which has been stagnant for most of the time, has undergone tremendous changes. We have proved that in the near future, low-cost environmentally friendly commercial electric aviation will become a reality . "

According to a reporter at the scene, the flight lasted less than 15 minutes. MagniX CEO Ganzarski said that battery power is a challenge and currently our aircraft can only fly 160 kilometers with lithium electric power. Although the current voyage is not what we want, it is enough to set off a revolution.

"If people are willing to drive to work for an hour, why not take a 15-minute flight to work?" He said.