How to bring a trolley case with a lithium battery installed when you rravel by air

December 4, 2019

Due to the superiority of lithium batteries, more and more products contain lithium batteries. However, because lithium batteries have the danger of spontaneous combustion, there are many restrictions on carrying lithium batteries in airplanes.

Recently, there are passengers who carry luggage trolley cases with lithium batteries installed. According to regulations:

1. Lithium batteries are not removable and exceed 0.3g / g, and lithium metal content or 2.7w / Wh is prohibited.

2. The battery is detachable. If the luggage is delivered, the lithium battery must be removed, and the removed battery must be brought into the cabin (that is, the luggage with lithium battery must be checked, and the battery must be removed to carry).

3. Spare lithium batteries. Lithium batteries not exceeding 100wh / Wh must be individually protected against short circuits. each person can carry up to 20 spare batteries.

In addition, passengers can also get related inquiries at check-in counters and security check-in counters.