How to distinguish mobile phone lithium-ion battery and power lithium-ion battery

December 1, 2020

How to distinguish mobile phone lithium-ion battery and power lithium-ion battery


1 Lithium-ion batteries look different. Lithium-ion batteries on mobile phones are generally soft-packed polymer batteries, while lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles are very rarely soft-packed polymer batteries, all of which are cylindrical or metal shell square batteries.

2 Lithium batteries commonly used in mobile phones with different raw materials belong to polymer lithium-ion batteries, and lithium-ion batteries for battery cars generally use ternary lithium-ion batteries.

3 The charging and discharging times are different. It has been said before that lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones belong to energy storage batteries, so the discharge times will be relatively small. Generally, the charging and discharging times of battery car batteries are 3C, and some are likely to be higher.

4 Battery charging methods are different. Today's mobile phone lithium-ion batteries can be fast-charged. Just as it is often said in advertisements that the battery is charged for five minutes and the voice call is 2 hours, it can be said that the fast-charging technology of the mobile phone lithium-ion battery has long been perfect, but the battery car The fast charging technology of lithium battery is still immature at this stage, and it also has certain risks. Therefore, temporarily do not believe in the fast charging technology of pure electric vehicles.

But there will also be some fake and inferior stores that use consumer rechargeable batteries for energy storage systems, which is a very risky thing, so when choosing lithium batteries, you still have to choose reliable stores.