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How to activate the old lithium-ion battery

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How to activate the old lithium-ion battery

How to activate the old lithium-ion battery


Due to the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery itself, it is determined that it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium-ion battery in the user's mobile phone needs no special methods and equipment during the activation process. Do not charge the lithium-ion battery for more than 10 hours to activate the battery activity, and activate it in accordance with the normal charging and discharging method.


Overcharge and overdischarge can cause great damage to lithium-ion batteries, especially liquid lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, it is best to charge according to the standard time and standard method, especially not to charge more than 12 hours. Usually, the charging method analyzed in the instruction manual is the standard charging method.




Use the lithium-ion battery that has not been used for a long time. First discharge the battery until the appliance automatically shuts down, and then the shutdown state is overflowed and then used to automatically shut down. This two cycles can basically restore the battery to the activated state.




How to activate old lithium-ion batteries




1. Wrap the lithium-ion battery in newspaper and put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for three days (newspaper can absorb excess water)




2. After three days, take it out at room temperature and let it go for two days




3. Charge the battery after two days, and then install it for mobile phone detection (80%-90% is estimated to be rescued)




How to activate mobile phone lithium-ion battery




1. Before the mobile phone lithium-ion battery leaves the factory, the manufacturers have all activated the solution and pre-charged, so the battery has residual power. Some friends said that the battery is charged according to the adjustment period, and the standby is still seriously insufficient. If the battery is indeed a genuine battery In this case, the adjustment period should be extended and then 3-5 full charge and discharge cycles.




2. If the newly purchased mobile phone battery is lithium ion, then the first 3-5 charging is generally called the adjustment period, which should be charged for more than 14 hours to ensure sufficient activation of the lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but are very inert, and sufficient activation should be given to ensure the best performance in future use.




3. Some automated smart fast chargers only show 90% overflow when the indicator lights change. The charger will automatically change to overflow the battery with slow charging. It is best to use the battery after overflowing, otherwise it will shorten the use time.




4. Before charging, do not discharge the lithium-ion battery. Improper discharge will damage the battery.




5. When charging, try to charge slowly and reduce fast charging methods; the time should not exceed 24 hours.




6. After the battery has been fully charged and discharged for three to five cycles, the internal chemical substances will be fully "activated" to achieve the best use effect.




7. Please use the charger of the original manufacturer or a brand with good reputation. For lithium-ion batteries, use special chargers for lithium-ion batteries, and follow the instructions, otherwise the battery will be damaged or even dangerous.




8. The life of the battery is determined by the number of repeated charging and discharging, so try to prevent the battery from being charged when there is residual power, which will shorten the life of the battery. When the mobile phone is turned off for more than 7 days, the battery of the mobile phone should be fully discharged and fully charged before use.




Lithium-ion battery is easy to activate, as long as 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles can activate the battery and restore normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery itself, it is determined that it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium-ion battery in the user's mobile phone needs no special methods and equipment during the activation process. In addition, another aspect that cannot be ignored is that lithium-ion batteries are also not suitable for over-discharge, and over-discharge is also detrimental to lithium-ion batteries.

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