Is a false proposition for made ESS by retired Car Battery?

January 8, 2019

Some people think that the use of the ladder is a false proposition. We did a national grid project from 2012 to 2014, and made a demonstration of the use of the ladder. At that time, we used a battery that was eliminated by Chery S18 to build a storage power station. It is also admitted that it is close to a pseudo-proposition, which is very difficult to do, very difficult to do. The evaluation of the battery, dismantling, regrouping, and reusing, is not suitable for cost performance, and the economic benefits are not cost-effective.

However, by the end of 2014, we are developing a coding system. When we promote the use of the ladder, we have to discuss it in detail, but we need to reposition it: battery recycling must be a positive and a very fast project. The use of battery ladders belongs to the use of conditions, scope, and requirements, that is, the use of the ladder must be under certain conditions. For example, they are all bus buses. They have monitoring of this batch of batteries, and there are post-evaluation treatments. The battery health status can be fully grasped, and there are docking ladder utilization scenarios. The indicator system for this application scenario is very clear. The indicators of the scene are also included in the evaluation system of the battery. It is always known in which field the battery on the car can be removed and the field has been docked, and then the ladder is used. This is conditional and Do the scope and requirements.


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