is it possible to charge the ER batteries at -10oc to 70oc temperatures with 0.08c?

May 21, 2020

From customer's question


We have noticed in the LiFePO4 datasheet, that the standard charge current of 0.2C (1.2A max) is rated at a temperature range of 0oc to 45oc.


However, in this particular project we will be charging the batteries at around 0.5A maximum which is only about 0.08C. The question for your engineers and the cell manufacturer is if this will allow us to operate at a wider overall temperature range?


Our objective is to charge the batteries at -10oc to 70oc temperatures based on where the end product will be operating. We understand that this is beyond the normal Lithium range, so would like to have further detail if we want to achieve this wider temperature range. We can reduce the charging current even lower than 0.08C at warmer or colder temperatures if this would help us be able to offer this wider charging temperature range.


Can you please discuss this with the cell manufacturer and your engineers and provide some data back to us.



The professional suggestion as blow



It's ok to charge the cells with 0.08C under 0-60centigrad.


1.Dont suggest charge the cell onder 0 centigrad, for long time low temperature charging will make metal lithium densrite in positive pole and make the cell shor circult inside.

Occasional/ not full time charging under 0-10centigrad would be accepted.


2. It's ok to charge the battery 60-70centigrad with under 0.1C current, while the cycle life would be reduce with long time in high temperature environment.

And suggest control the upper voltage from 3.65V to 3.6V or lower up 45d centigrad.