LiFePO4 larger sizes cell Introduce

March 9, 2021

My customer asked the question today

Vivian Do you have any further updates from the China market about larger cell sizes? I would really appreciate any details you could provide. Our research and development is really important.


We only share information as below
1. In order to improve the performance of electric vehicle battery pack , Tesla has developed 4680 (Made in LG ) LiFePO4 battery, This battery maybe circulated in the Chinese market in the future.

2. Some Chinese manufacturers have customized large-size batteries for customers ,(most application for EV )
These large size models are still in the trial production stage, the consistency peformance needs to be improved,
But it is suitable for small backup power ( for example 3.2V device )

IFR32135 12AH 3.2V
IFR33155 14AH 3.2V
IFR33138 15AH 3.2V
IFR33140 15AH 3.2V
IFR38120 10AH 3.2V
IFR4680 20AH 3.2V
IFR40135 30AH 3.2V
IFR40152 12AH 3.2V
IFR40172 20AH 3.2V
IFR42120 13AH 3.2V
IFR42110 11AH 3.2V
That's all