Lithium battery failure classification

September 12, 2018

In order to avoid the performance degradation and battery safety problems mentioned above, it is imperative to carry out lithium battery failure analysis. Lithium battery failure refers to the performance degradation and safety failure caused by certain specific essential causes of battery performance degradation or performance abnormality.
performance degradation including of
capacity reduce
circle life reduce
voltage unusual
current unusual
internal resistance  over standard
self discharge
high and low temprature
max dishcarge current // rate
consistance between single cell
Safety failure including of
Short circle
Lithium battery failure
The reasons for the failure of lithium batteries can be divided into internal and external causes.
Internal factors mainly refer to the physical and chemical changes of failure. The research scale can be traced back to the atomic and molecular scales, and the thermodynamics and dynamics of the failure process are studied.
External factors include external factors such as impact, acupuncture, corrosion, high temperature combustion, and vandalism.
From Tac technology department