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China HONG KONG TAC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. certification
China HONG KONG TAC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. certification
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Dear Davide, I leave you in Vivian's hands, I'm sure you will come to an agreement., Vivian is professional in our product.

—— Davide Bet

Here is the signed PI. Thank you , We hope

—— Mr Ander

12V 110Ah battery pack for solar product I like your solar battery pack. Good quality and delivery fast.

—— Eyal Dolev

The battery pack is more atractive for us . May I receive drawing of other pack 12V 20AH with dimentional info ? I need 50pcs to test .

—— Nizamettin

We have received the battery packs and performing tests have passed . We are impressed by the assembly. it is almost the best one . thank you

—— Alexander Kozhushko

Pictures show a nice battery pack, performance is ok , We need serial connected 4cells (4S1P) configuration with protection circuitry

—— George Komisar

big thanks for your work, we got the cargos last week, it seems nice.

—— Johnny Black

I think it is a good idea to solve the problem, I am really appreciate you would like to help us.

—— Simone Kowalk

yes , we received the batteries and chargers last Friday, Everything looks great,well packed, no damage and dlivered in the time frame as promised.

—— Met vriendelijke groet

Thanks for your input, we have checked each and every think and on our side every thing is great. Just proceed to submit the company documents to get approval.

—— Joey Schumer

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Company News

Take your some time to presentation our new production

Lifepo4 Battery Pack for Low Speed E-Vehicle

1. At first of all, we show the standard model picture as below

latest company news about TAC NEW BATTERY PACK FOR SCOOTER  0

  • This system including of
  • latest company news about TAC NEW BATTERY PACK FOR SCOOTER  1
  • latest company news about TAC NEW BATTERY PACK FOR SCOOTER  2
  • latest company news about TAC NEW BATTERY PACK FOR SCOOTER  3

Battery pack (assembled with some standard module ) (picture 1)

Display(picture 2) Charger(picture 3)


The battery pack can used for various E-vehicle


48V170AH system is suited to 3KW~5KW load for example

Golf cart , tour bus (less than 11 seats ) , bubble car Environmental sanitation car ,dining car, . mini truck


72V110AH system is suited to 5KW~6.5KW load for example

tour bus ( 11 -18 seats ),police patrol car ,electrocar ,truck for factory


  • Next We show the interior structure for whole system

The system pack in series with below standard module

IFM12-1700E1(12.8V170AH) size 347*155*270mm ,

There are two kind of outer shell , the blue module is ABS & Plastic and the black module is metal material.

latest company news about TAC NEW BATTERY PACK FOR SCOOTER  4


latest company news about TAC NEW BATTERY PACK FOR SCOOTER  5


For example 48V170AH system were pack in series via 4 sets module

The other standard module is below

Here I take proud in the advantage for this system

1. Cell

The standard module made by 18650 and 26650 cell , these is safest lithium battery in the world at present, proven technique keep the high stable quality and competitive price . the cell of 18650 and 26650 can worked in hostile environment , safer than soft pack battery.

2.Excellent consistency :

The batteries 18650 / 26650 were strict sorted with voltage capacity ,inter resistance for same level , the standard module 12V-170-200AH battery pack assembled via in series and parallel with protect board (pcb) , the pcb including of initiative balance performance, keep the cells with minimal differentiation

3.Tac factory ‘s patented technology for Soldering

The battery pack were soldered with copper-nickel welding tag by laser welding machine, the technology keep the balance for inner current ,reduce the battery pack’s inter resistance, while the internal heat of the battery to spread more effectively.

  • Battery Manager System

the performance of the battery management system is including of :


A) Detecting the battery state, the customer can monitor the battery state in real time during the use covered battery voltage, capacity, discharge current, battery temperature and related abnormal alarm.


  • Protect the battery, including over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, battery temperature rise abnormal protection, battery discharge current limiting protection. Advanced safety requirements such as protection failure alarms can also be provided.


C)Supporting facility

In order to facilitate the use of the customer's convenience and rapid development of the market, TAC also developed a car LCD display, which can display the relevant information of the battery management unit. For different consumer markets, LCD monitors are available in 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch and 7-inch luxury touch screens.

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