Tesla Model S Battery PACK System Brings "New Revolution" 2/2

April 3, 2019

Vehicle and battery enterprises shoulder the important task of revitalizing PACK industry
Battery China Network has learned that there are three main types of entrants to the market of power battery PACK industry in China: battery enterprises, vehicle enterprises and professional PACK enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, 60-70% of PACK is completed by battery enterprises, almost 100% in bus field, 10-20% by vehicle enterprises, and 20% by professional PACK enterprises. Among them, the battery companies involved in PACK mainly include Guoxuan Gaoke, Tianjin Lishen, Ningde Age, Bike Battery, etc. The representative enterprises of the whole vehicle enterprises doing PACK include BYD, Jianghuai Automobile, Changan Automobile, etc. The professional PACK enterprises mainly include Xinwangda, Desai, Price, Shanghai Jiexin, etc.

At present, in the competition of power battery PACK market, vehicle enterprises and battery enterprises have their own irreplaceable advantages. Vehicle enterprises have the convenience of realizing self-production and self-sale of PACK, and also have the advantage of better grasping the optimal matching degree between PACK and electric vehicles. Battery companies have a large number of batteries data in different operation states of electric vehicles, and the maturity and iteration of the core algorithm of PACK system depends on the construction of a huge basic database. Power battery companies have natural advantages in the algorithm. This makes the power battery companies have unique advantages in PACK dominance. Therefore, vehicle enterprises and battery enterprises shoulder the important task of boosting the power battery PACK industry in China.

New Opportunities for Power Battery PACK Modularization

At present, the level of PACK of power battery in China is not only far from that of Japan and Korea, but also different from that of domestic enterprises. There are few high-quality PACK manufacturers in the industry that can really meet the needs of downstream vehicle enterprises. As the largest market of new energy vehicles and power batteries in the world, the key PACK technology of power batteries lags behind, which will have a very negative impact on the development of new energy automobile industry in China.
Battery China Network believes that in the face of the future development trend of intelligent technology, Tesla modular chassis battery PACK technology should be inspired to our industry colleagues. In order to catch up with Japan and Korea and win in the future market competition, our PACK production enterprises must change the traditional production technology, modularization and intellectualization may be the only way. With the development of global power battery industry, the modular technology of battery PACK will be more and more perfect, and it will also bring new opportunities for the development of power battery PACK industry in China.