Tesla's "Battery Day" is scheduled for 9.22. What battery technology has attracted attention?

June 18, 2021

Whether in the field of new energy vehicles or power lithium batteries, Tesla's trends affect the nerves of the market. Every year, Tesla's "Battery Day" has also become the vane of the new energy industry.
Affected by the epidemic, Tesla’s "Battery Day" this year was postponed from April to May, and from May to July, and now it is set to September 22. Although Tesla continues to consume the patience of the market, it is an indisputable fact that this year's Tesla "Battery Day" is very exciting.
At present, what battery technology of Tesla has attracted the most attention from the market?
1. Previously, media reported that Tesla will officially launch the "Million Mile" battery on "Battery Day." As the name suggests, the battery life is expected to reach 1 million miles (approximately 1.61 million kilometers).
2. One year ago, Tesla acquired Maxwell Technologies (Maxwell Technologies), and one of the important technical reasons can be attributed to "fibrilization (Fibrilization)." This provides a new method of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, namely dry cell electrode technology.
3. It is reported that Tesla is secretly promoting its self-built electric project "Roadrunner" and plans to adopt the strategy of "making machines with machines" to mass-produce batteries with higher volume density and cheaper prices. In June, Musk confirmed this rumor and said that "Battery Day" will include a visit to the battery production system.