What does the 811 Lithium battery mean?

August 14, 2019

What does the 811 lithium battery mean?


With the popularization of new energy vehicles in terms of the pursuit of environmental performance of vehicles, power batteries are related to the cruising range of vehicles, and the safety and performance of vehicles. The research on power batteries is also a research and development of many manufacturers. With the development of these years, the technology and level of power battery technology are also developing rapidly, and the cost reduction of related materials for batteries is also lower than before.


For the high-energy density NCM 811 battery, it has become the focus of research and development of major enterprises. From the positive electrode material of the power battery, it is gradually moving toward the high-nickel ternary material, and currently it is on the existing battery technology. Make a breakthrough, 811 battery, what is the 811 battery? The 811 battery actually refers to the electrode material of the battery. From the top of the positive electrode material, 80% nickel, 10% cobalt and 10% manganese are mainly used.


Simply speaking, on the basis of the previous ternary lithium battery, the material of the electrode is changed to 8:1:1. The battery can guarantee the energy density of the battery to a certain extent, and can improve the battery life. And the battery life cycle, safety, etc., and currently for the 811 battery, in addition to the Ningde era, there are some companies are doing research and development.

According to related news, the companies that develop 811 batteries include Korean battery manufacturers SK Innovation and LG Chem, which are also planning to launch NCM 811 batteries. They also include cylindrical battery companies such as BAK and Lishen. Greatpower R & D work, so from the product point of view, 811 battery is not unique in the Ningde era, for high-performance batteries, the major battery companies are carrying out successive research and development.