What's the solution for the pos machine cannot be charged?

December 29, 2020

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How to solve the problem that the pos machine cannot be charged?


I don't know if we have encountered the problem that pos machines sometimes do not charge. After plugging in the charger, they found no response. Sometimes, they plug in the charger several times to connect the charger. What if the pos machine cannot be charged?
1. The battery power may be caused by the defect of the pos machine system. In this case, you can directly shut down and restart, which is equivalent to data refresh, and generally the power flash will return to normal.
2. The charger is in poor contact with the pos machine. This is a common situation, most of which is caused by careless pos users not plugging in the charger correctly. The solution is to change the socket back and forth. Of course, the large POS machine can check whether the original external power supply is used, and the health status of the data line can be checked by hand swiping.
3. The defect of the charger is usually an important reason why the pos machine cannot receive power. How to judge the quality of the charger? It is actually very simple. Try other chargers. Assuming that the charger can be replaced and charged, it can be concluded that the charger is defective.
4. There is a problem with the battery of the pos machine. If the charger and pos system are not defective, the battery should be focused on. Once the battery swells, it means there is a problem with the battery and the battery needs to be replaced. According to your POS machine type, find a POS machine store online. Just change the battery.
5. The Pos machine has been used for many years and must be handled by the original factory. Correct charging and maintenance skills of pos machine
a. When you just bought a new machine, don't rush to use it first. The new pos battery must be charged one night before use, that is, 14-16 hours.
b. The maximum service life of the general pos machine battery is 2 years. When the battery is exhausted or the battery charging function is insufficient, the POS machine can contact customer service for detailed information.
c. Each time you use the fast charger to charge, charge for another hour or two after the charging indicator turns green. At the same time, some people argue that the battery should not be charged only when it is to be charged. In view of the problem that the pos machine cannot be charged, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the situation. Generally speaking, the reasons should be found from the above five aspects.