What should we pay attention to when buying a new energy vehicle

April 13, 2020

Latest company news about What should we pay attention to when buying a new energy vehicle

1. Battery safety is the most concerned

In terms of batteries, the most important factor for users is battery safety, followed by excellent battery technology, long driving range and battery warranty. However, the focus of different users is slightly different. Existing users are mainly concerned about battery safety, battery technology and battery warranty; users who pre-purchase more than 200,000 pure electric vehicles account for 44.6% and 42.2 of battery technology, battery safety and long driving range respectively %, 42.2%, but their concern about battery attenuation is relatively low.


2. Charging speed and convenience are very important

In the survey, it was found that both existing users and pre-ordered users paid attention to the two aspects of fast charging and high popularity of charging piles when buying cars, which shows that users pay more attention to charging speed and convenience. From the perspective of pre-order users, they have a high interest in 30.1% of the charging piles that can be installed in the community, and they are more concerned about maintaining a unified charging interface.


3. Specialized brands and industry benchmark brands are more trusted

In terms of car purchase brand selection, electric vehicle brands and industry benchmark brands are more trusted by users. Users who have purchased more than 200,000 yuan of pure electric vehicles have a 17% interest in imported brands. In the future, this part of consumers will also upgrade their car purchase demand.


4. The practicality of vehicle functions cannot be ignored

From the survey, the practicality of pure electric vehicle functions is more concerned by users, and intelligent and advanced technology are also hot spots of concern. Existing users and pre-purchased users of pure electric vehicles of more than 200,000 yuan have certain requirements for low noise and intelligence.


5 Pain points of new energy vehicle consumption

1. After-sales service and charging experience are the core pain points

From the perspective of the consumption experience of new energy vehicles, the pre-sale and in-sale service experience and product experience satisfaction scores are higher. After-sales service and charging experience are the current core pain points. Judging from the impact of these indicators on loyalty, product experience is still the most decisive factor, and after-sales service experience also largely affects consumer loyalty to brands and products.

2. New car problems are outstanding and complaints are large

Judging from the number of complaints from January to July 2019, it has increased by about 1.7 times compared with the same period last year. In terms of brands, independent brands account for the highest proportion, reaching 78%, which is also related to the highest share of independent brands in the new energy vehicle market. The proportion of complaints from joint venture brands and imported brands is 18% and 4% respectively. Among all the complaints, the number of vehicles listed in the past three years is relatively high. Among them, the 2018 model has the most complaints, accounting for 39.6%; the second is the 2017 model, which accounts for 23.1% of the complaints; the second is the 2019 model, which accounts for 12.5%.

At present, the quality problems of quasi-new vehicles in the domestic new energy market are more prominent. Judging from the situation of complaints, 90% of the complained vehicles traveled within 60,000 kilometers and the warranty period for cars. Among them, the proportion of complaints for quasi-new cars with a mileage of 0 to 3000 kilometers accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 27%; followed by the range of 3000 to 10,000 kilometers, accounting for 22%. Judging from the time period when the problem first occurred, 54% of the problems occurred within half a year of car purchase, especially the highest percentage of problems occurred within 1 month of car purchase. The problems with new cars are serious and deserve the attention of car companies.


 There are many complaints about the "three electricity" issues

Judging from the proportion of new energy vehicle quality complaints, it focuses on batteries, motors and electric control. Among them, battery complaints accounted for 37.1%, including power battery failure, charging failure, battery failure, etc .; motor and electronic control complaints accounted for 15%, including electric drive controller failure, electric failure, failure lights, etc. In addition, the complaint ratio of the brake steering system also reached 12.6%, including brake failure, brake abnormal noise, steering failure, and abnormal steering noise.


Service attitude needs to be improved


From the perspective of new energy vehicle after-sales service complaints, service attitude issues are relatively concentrated, accounting for 30.1%, including service staff's arrogant attitude, unresolved problems, disguised charges, intentional delay, and no claims. The second is the disputes of parts in the service process, accounting for 23.2%, including no parts and poor parts quality. In addition, sales fraud complaints accounted for 19.2%, including the sale of problematic vehicles, inventory vehicles and price changes, and the inconsistency of the actual sales of products.