Why the battery pack should be balance?

October 15, 2018

The differences in manufacturing and use processes have caused inherent inconsistencies in power battery cells. The inconsistency is mainly manifested in monomer capacity, internal resistance, self-discharge rate, charge and discharge efficiency and the like. Inconsistent single cells are transmitted to the power battery pack, which inevitably brings about a loss of power battery pack capacity, which in turn leads to a decrease in life. Studies have shown that a 20% difference in capacity of a single cell will result in a 40% capacity loss of the battery pack.
The inconsistency of the battery cells will further deteriorate with the influence of random factors such as temperature and vibration conditions over time, so that the parameters are in the direction of discretization, and there is no turning back. Just as this world is always moving in the direction of entropy. The trend cannot be reversed, but it can intervene to reduce its rate of deterioration. One of the methods is to balance the cells through the battery management system.

So in order to keep the high consistency between each cell, TAC battery assemble the BMS with balance performance.