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Why not recommend replacing a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery?

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Why not recommend replacing a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery?
Latest company news about Why not recommend replacing a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery?

Why not recommend replacing a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery?


Recently, a friend has been asking me how to change my lead-acid electric car into a lithium battery. Is it just a matter of replacing the battery? As a master of repairing a car for ten years, I will not answer him. Going to do it, why do you say that? Can you really change it?

The answer is of course no. Now, let's take a look at how to change the lead-acid electric car to a lithium battery. Take the 48V lead-acid battery as an example. In the first step, open the four-corner screw of the battery and carefully open the upper cover. You can see that there are four 12V lead-acid batteries inside. The second step, after remembering the battery line, use the soldering iron to remove the wire from the battery, and pay attention to prevent the battery from short-circuiting during operation. In the third step, after all the old batteries are taken out, the lithium battery is placed. When the battery is installed, some of the prominent small plastics inside are separated from the original lead-acid battery. This must be removed, or the new battery must be worn out later. In the fourth step, connect the terminals on the battery and wrap them in an electrical tape.

However, it should be noted that when replacing the lithium battery, the original lead-acid battery must meet the original vehicle battery voltage, the capacity can be increased, and the battery life is longer. Even with the same capacity, lithium battery life and life will be longer. Secondly, it should be noted that the original charger can not be charged with lithium battery, and it is necessary to purchase or customize a special charger separately.

Of course, some people will ask the controller and the motor to replace it. If you change the lithium battery, as long as the voltage is the same, the larger capacity is a good thing. The capacity of the electric vehicle is added casually, as long as the voltage is constant, the motor and the controller have little effect. Of course, there is also a problem. If the quality of the lithium battery itself is problematic, it is likely to burn out the controller.

Since lithium batteries have so many advantages, why not replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries?

First, the production cost of lithium batteries is high, and the cost of manufacturing equipment is about 40% of the production cost, and the price is about three times that of lead-acid batteries. Its three times the price brings the price/performance ratio is not high, it is quite a sense of slickness, and the lithium battery is difficult to recycle, and the utilization rate is not high.

Second, due to the small size of the lithium battery, there are many lithium batteries connected in series during assembly. When transporting and using, it may cause a certain solder joint to be disconnected or soldered. This is a common problem when the lithium battery is connected.

Third, the large current discharge characteristic of lithium battery itself is a short board. Considering the frequent start of congested roads, the battery life will be greatly reduced.

The most important reason is that the lithium battery has a safety hazard of fire and explosion, and no one is willing to buy a "time bomb" under it. Especially in the case of consumers unknowingly scouring some inferior lithium batteries, the sealing conditions in electric vehicles are not so good, and it is easy to cause poor contact due to moisture and other safety hazards. Some people may say that lithium battery technology is developing rapidly and there will be no such problems, but no one can guarantee that this problem will not happen.

In my opinion, although lithium batteries have the same weight and volume compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries generally store about three times more capacitance than lead-acid batteries. However, for an electric vehicle as a means of transportation, the effect is limited, because many lead-acid batteries have greatly improved their endurance, which has reduced the gap between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. Coupled with the promulgation of the new national standard, the speed limit of 25km / h and other provisions, consumers will not be too harsh on the pursuit of electric vehicles, and let consumers spend several times more money to pay, I believe that not many people are willing.

In short, lithium batteries are not conducive to its promotion, whether it is a safety issue or a cost. Based on current technology, lead-acid batteries are still the mainstay. I want to change the lead-acid electric car to a lithium battery. I suggest that you should never try it. In addition to safety, when the new national standard is implemented, the modification is likely to be defined as a super-standard car. If you are interested in lithium batteries, it is recommended. Buy a regular lithium battery.

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