18650 lithium battery pack design process skills

June 24, 2019

Many customer assemble bigger capacity and voltage lithium-ion battery pack 

so  ,how about the 18650 lithium battery pack design process skills ? below item from professional pack engineer ,pls refer.


1. Take the principle of priority and easy operation, that is, employees are easy to operate.

2. Take the principle of priority operation safety, that is, employees are not prone to short circuit or have better preventive measures when operating.

3, take the equipment principle, that is, with the aid of auxiliary equipment, as much as possible without manual, at least semi-automatic.

4, the packaging design should be reasonable, easy to take easy to put, do not get the product out to the customer for a long time can not get out.

18650 lithium battery pack process quality characteristics

1. Lithium batteries with quality pass-through, need qualified and stable suppliers to provide good performance single cells, single cells after a series of safety tests and performance tests, qualified after use.

2. It is required that the internal resistance of the battery is low and the consistency is good. Regardless of the 14.8V lithium battery pack or other energy storage battery packs, the capacity, platform and heat dissipation of the high internal current discharge must be ensured.

3. The structure of the battery is ventilated, and the distance between the two adjacent batteries is not less than 2mm. This structure requires the plastic bracket to fix the battery.

4. PACK battery factory uses slotted nickel plate for spot welding. The size of nickel plate meets the requirements of large current discharge. The nickel plate material guarantees low internal resistance. The spot welder guarantees stable work. The welding pin guarantees the quality. The operator is trained and qualified. After the post operation, check whether the solder joints are firm after spot welding. Vibration tests were also performed on each batch of products to verify vibration resistance.

5, different batches of batteries to make a typical finished product and do life test, lithium battery PACK design specification experience when the battery finished product cycle test to obtain the actual cycle life.

6. Verify the high and low temperature performance of the battery. Different PACK lithium battery manufacturers' batteries are made into finished products and do different rate discharge tests at high and low temperatures to obtain the actual discharge curve.