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February 22, 2022

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Common Trading Phrases (1)


执行合同 ---execute/carry out/fulfill a contract

▪ 使合同生 效 ---bring a contract into effect


▪ 违背/撤 销和约 ---break/cancel a contract


▪ 重合同守 诺言 ---honor the contract and keep one’s words


▪ 再订一个 合同---repeat the contract


▪ 顺利执行 合同---to carry out the contract smoothly


▪ 传真所盘 ---fax somebody for offers


▪ 款式 ---design


▪ 广交会 ---Guangzhou Fair


▪ 展览品 ---exhibit


▪ 展出各种 商品---a great variety of goods on display


▪ 丝绸服装 ---silk garments


▪ 展出的摊 位 ---exhibits stand


▪ 畅销 ---sell fast


▪ 享有很高 声誉 ---enjoy a high reputation


拥有良好 销路 ---command a good market/ find a ready market/enjoy


fast sales


▪ 报拉格斯 最低到 岸价 ---quote the lowest price CIF Lagos

▪ 经营纺织 品多年 ---be in the line of textiles for many years


▪ 货物受欢 迎 ---the goods are very popular with customers / have met


with a warm reception /be well received/accepted/ enjoy a wide

popularity among the buyers

▪ 市场情况 恶化 ---the market take a change for the worse


▪ 皮革服装 ---leather garments


▪ 玻璃制品 ---glassware


▪ 根据平等 互利的 原则---on the basis of equality and mutual benefits


▪ 重合同守 信用 ---honor/observe/respect/abide by/keep to/stick to the


contract and keep/fulfill/ carry out one’s promise; stand by what one says

▪ 公平竞争 ---fair play

▪ 商业信誉 ---commercial integrity


▪ 高度评价--- speak highly of


▪ 与……熟悉--- make one’s acquaintance

▪ 经营某商 品--- be in the line of … product


▪ 必需品--- essential articles


▪ 税收--- duty 采取新的 外贸政 策--- take up/adopt new foreign trade policy

遵 守 通 行 的 国 际 惯 例 --- follow/observe the general international



▪ 分期付款--- payment by installments

▪ 外商独资 企业--- an enterprise exclusively with foreign capital


▪ 补偿贸易--- compensation trade


▪ 外贷--- foreign loans


▪ 进展迅速--- progress rapidly


▪ 保持不变--- remain unchanged


▪ 营销--- market

▪ 完全有理 由相信--- have every reason to believe in …


▪ 先进技术 与设备--- advanced technology and equipment


▪ 灵活的政 策--- flexible policy


▪ 有心事 ---have something on one’s mind


▪ 经济萧条--- economic slackness



▪ 装船耽搁---

▪ 通情达理---


▪ 野蛮装卸---


▪ 理所当然---

delay in shipment


listen to reason rough handling


stand to reason


▪ 不合情理--- be contrary/against to reason

▪ 属于你们 的业务 范围--- fall within the scope of your business


▪ 包装纸--- packing paper


▪ 塑料袋--- polybag /polythene bag


来料加工 ---processing with supplied materials


▪ 进料加工--- processing with imported materials


▪ 来样加工--- processing with supplied sample


▪ 来件装配--- assembling with supplied parts


▪ 租赁贸易--- leasing trade


▪ 合资经营 --- joint venture


▪ 开信用证--- open an L/C


▪ 和某人达 成协议--- come to terms with somebody


▪ 询问有关 条款--- inquire about terms


▪ 使某人接 受条款--- bring somebody to terms


▪ 执行开放 政策--- pursue an open -door policy

▪ 一贯坚持 平等互 利的 原则--- always adhere to the principle of equality


and mutual benefits

▪ 余额以优 惠付款 的方 式在…年 内付清--- to have the rest in easy payments


spread out in … years


▪ 机床--- machine tools


▪ 专营--- specialize in


▪ 供不应求--- demand exceeds supply


▪ 供过于求--- supply exceeds demand


▪ 服务第一--- service is the first motto


▪ 样品和规 格-- - sample and specification


▪ 满足你方 需求--- to meet your requirements



还盘--- to make an counteroffer./counter bid

▪ 工艺美术 品--- arts and crafts


▪ 激烈竞争--- sharp/fierce competition


▪ 质量和最 后一道 工序--- the quality and finish


▪ 发货--- make the delivery


▪ 站稳脚跟--- set a firm footing in …

▪ 颜色过于 夸张--- the color is too high - sounding


▪ 订购一空--- be booked out


▪ 按时装船--- punctual shipment


▪ 脱销--- be out of stock


▪ 蝴蝶牌缝 纫机--- Butterfly sewing machine


▪ 苛刻的付 款条件--- harsh payment terms


▪ 无货可供--- no goods available


▪ 畅销品--- best selling articles

▪ 旧 金 山 最 低 到 岸 价 含 佣 金 2%--- lowest quotation CIFC2% , San




▪ 装船单据--- shipping documents


▪ 实盘--- firm offer


▪ 一旦供应 短缺--- in case of short supply


▪ 报盘有效期为 15 天--- the offer will remain firm/valid/good/ for 15




▪ 保险费--- insurance premium



运费--- freight charge


▪ 红茶--- black tea


▪ 售完--- be sold out


▪ 茶叶产量 急剧下 降--- the tea crop has sharply decreased

▪ 报 盘 两 天 内 有 效 --- the offer holds/remains good/firm/effective/valid


for two days


▪ 采取一切 方式--- employ all possible means


▪ 虎头牌扑 克--- Tiger Head Brand playing cards

▪ 玻 璃 器 皿 销 路 很 畅 / 销 路 不 大 / 经 常 有 销 路 --- Glass wares are in


great/small/regular demand.


▪ 增加供货 300 箱 茶叶--- increase the tea supply by 300 cases


▪ 亏不起--- can not afford to

▪ 我们的报价大致如下 :核桃 50 公 吨 , 每 公 吨 欧 洲 主 要 口 岸 到 岸 价 人 民 币


2500 元, 包 括你方 佣金 2%, 十 月份装 运。 --- Our quotation is roughly as follows: Fifty metric tons of walnutmeat at RMB ¥ 2,500 per metric ton CIF European Main Port including your commission of 2%

for shipment in October.

▪ 永久牌训 练用自 行车--- Forever Brand Exercise Bicycle


▪ 以我方最 后确认 为准--- be subject to one’s final confirmation

▪ 有竞争余 地--- has edge on competition


▪ 金狮牌折 椅--- Golden Lion folded chairs


▪ 地中海市 场--- the Mediterranean market