About the top ten misunderstandings about battery maintenance, did you win? (1/2)

November 26, 2019

Everyone must have heard the point that charging a cell phone overnight is harmful to the battery, and laptops are no exception. Regarding the charging method, how to charge will not affect the quality of the battery. There are many rumors of true or false, half true and half false. Today, let's discuss these rumors, see which ones are true and which ones are fabricated, and tell everyone some correct ways to charge mobile phones and suggestions for storing batteries.

To get rid of rumors, you must first understand them.


Rumor 1: The phone must run out of power before it is recharged


This statement is not entirely correct. Such charging guidelines are only applicable to nickel-cadmium batteries and aging nickel-metal hydride batteries that can produce memory effects. For new mobile phones that use lithium-ion batteries, the situation is exactly the opposite. Lithium-ion batteries are more effective at periodic charging than when they are exhausted.


Rumor 2: Charging overnight will increase battery wear

This has also been falsified. Compared with draining the phone and recharging it, charging the phone too much has better battery life. (Now the battery comes with an overcharge prevention function. It will stop inputting power when fully charged.)

Rumor 3: Closing the app increases battery life

Many people agree with this view, but this is just a rumor. In fact, closing the application does not extend battery life. What's more interesting is that after closing the application, restarting the application takes more energy than clicking on the already opened application. Turning off notifications from app pushes is a better way to extend battery life.


Rumor 4: The original charger must be used to charge the mobile phone

Another rumor worth debunking, manufacturers will "strongly recommend" the use of original chargers. But as long as some low-end chargers are not used, third-party chargers will not affect battery life, at most it will affect the length of time required to charge the phone.


Rumor 5: Disabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is good for the battery

This is also a rumor. Although Wi-Fi and Bluetooth require a lot of power, the software technology is sufficiently advanced to ensure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have minimal impact on battery life. To save a little power, it is definitely not worth opening and closing these applications.