About the top ten misunderstandings about battery maintenance, did you win? (2/2)

November 26, 2019

Rumor 6: Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while charging

It's still false. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do consume a lot of power, but with software updates, the impact on the battery is minimal. So switching back and forth between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save power is really not worth it.


Rumor 7: Can't use phone while charging

Knowing that this is a rumor, most mobile phone users should be happy. Indeed, there is no evidence that the phone must not be used while charging. Anyway, the phone will not catch fire, nor will it shut down, and the call quality will not be affected. Your ears may feel a little warm when they are close to the phone, but it is completely fine for the battery.


Rumor 8: You need to charge your phone before using it for the first time

When you buy a new phone, you don't really need to start charging it when you get it, because it will never affect battery life. Manufacturers often say that the battery is also being calibrated when the phone is fully charged. Since most phones can now be calibrated automatically, there is really no need to fully charge a new phone.


Rumor 9: Keeping the battery in the refrigerator is good for the battery

This is no longer confined to the scope of rumors. When you do this, you will also bring unnecessary danger to yourself. Batteries are not good at extreme temperatures. The best way to place batteries is to leave them at standard room temperature. This will have a shelf life of up to 10 years.


Rumor 10: Laptops have been plugged into a power source and battery damage is faster

Finally, many people think it's common sense but it's still a rumor: laptops are always plugged in and charging will damage the battery. We really should believe in modern technology. Today's batteries are very smart and stop charging power as soon as they are fully charged. So if you leave the house and forget to unplug the laptop ’s charging head, take a breather because it really does n’t matter.


Talk about the best way to maintain the battery

The rumours dissipated, let's talk about some really useful techniques. The first thing to understand is that lithium-ion batteries do not need to be charged all the time. In fact, you can charge anytime, anywhere, and they will perform better.


Also keep in mind that although the battery doesn't mind overcharging, it definitely doesn't like overheating. Try to keep your device "cool" as much as possible, or use less. You can use tools such as fans to keep it "cool".

For those who live too busy, it is best to bring a spare battery. This method works if you are always on the road and you don't have enough charging opportunities during the day. This leads to the next suggestion for storing batteries: make sure they are stored in a cool place and have at least half the charge.