All the buyer are seeking SAMSUNG 21700,what’s happening?

November 28, 2017

Latest company news about All the buyer are seeking SAMSUNG 21700,what’s happening?


We received so many inquiry about SAMSUNG 21700 30T this week, the buyer from USA UK GERMANY ,the title same as below

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What’s the 21700 30t ? and why it is so hot ?

Most customers search it base on key words for Samsung 3000mah (gray)

Due to Samsung 21700 battery keep perfect appearance as same as other Samsung product, the jacket is of fashion gray as below

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Development background for Samsung 21700


Since the TESLA & PANASONIC research and mass product 21700 battery that application for E-CAR ,Samsung start to research this model from Feb. 2017 , As a matter of fact Samsung came to big defeat for Samsung Note .7 the other day , But it still famous and excellent brand for lithium ion battery .

Truth situation for 21700 mass production line

As the R&D Staff for Samsung confirmed, the 21700 30T have not mass product yet , there is just small lot samples have ready for performance test and inner evaluation report . so it is hardly to buy real Samsung 21700 30t battery in the market except to buy from Samsung Korea directly. Also the cost is amazing high than other ordinary similar production.

Meanwhile Over five China manufacturer have been mass product similar battery cell as 21700 30t, for examples 比克、 亿纬锂能、力神 ETC.

There are two type performance for 21700
a) 21700 3300J 3.7V 3300MAH Max discharge current 3 C (10A)
b) 21700 3000T 3.7V 3000MAH Max discharge current 11C (35A)


What’s the advantage for 21700 cell ?

1、Talking of the high energy density, new model 21700 energy density is higher 20% than ordinary model 18650

The test data for Tesla show that energy density for 21700 is about 300wh/kg, but 18650 just 250wh/kg. It rose from 20 percent of original model.


2 、the cost for whole battery pack system will down 9% than before,There are two chief reason why the cost down, is that


A) the 21700 sale price is USD170/KWH , but 18650 is USD185/KWH at present, the cost down 8.1% ,It also means we will save 9% for cell’s cost if we change the 21700 cell to 18650 for battery pack system.


B) Following the raise for capacity , the manufacturer are able to assemble the pack with less single cell and less other fittings for examples bonding pad also less sold process so that to save big cost for productive process

The assemble cost is 24% for whole pack system, it is no double that the cost will down obviously


3、lighter than before


In my option ,with the quantity of single cell reduce, It would be expected to reduce 10% for weight of pack system .


But how about the shortcoming ? what’s will impede 21700 instead of 18650 totally ?


  1. For the battery export they don’t agree with the 21700 will instead of 18650 totally because of 18650 can be used in 3C digital AMV Power tool and more application, and all of these production have limited by 18650 size , but it seems 21700 need more time to suitable of them

  2. Rate of finished production need to improve continue

we have reason to believe that cost down base on the output and rate of finished production, but it is just 98% for 21700 at present, it means the manufacture should be bear many B level 21700 model , it is also big question.


The other good news is

TAC Battery believe there is big opportunity for 21700 market, and our Guangzhou battery factory have mass production 21700 model from Aug. 2017, If you are seeking similar production , welcome contact with us at any time



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