Analysis of Samsung 18650 lithium battery parameters and prices

April 28, 2019

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Samsung 18650 lithium battery parameters and price introduction.


Samsung 18650 lithium battery internal resistance is small, the quality is quite good, the internal resistance of the polymer battery is smaller than the general liquid battery. In addition to the variable polymer lithium battery in the market, ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery are widely used, especially ternary lithium, 18650 battery is guaranteed in both safety and life.

The 18650 lithium battery life theory is cyclic charging 1000 times. Due to the large capacity per unit density, most of them are used in laptop batteries. In addition, the stability of the 18650 battery is very good at work. It is widely used in various electronic fields: it is often used in high-end glare flashlights. Portable power, wireless data transmitter, electric heating clothing, shoes, portable instrumentation, portable lighting equipment, portable printers, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Samsung 18650 lithium battery parameters

Product ID: 03KQ080-01

Battery model: 18650/3.7V/2500mAh

Battery specifications: 18650-16S20P/59.2V/50Ah

Nominal voltage: 59.2V

Nominal capacity: 50Ah

Charging voltage: 67.2V

Charging current: ≤45A

Discharge current: 50A

Instantaneous discharge current: 100A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 48V

Finished product internal resistance: ≤100mΩ

Battery weight: 34Kg

Product size: 460*410*100mm (Max)

Charging temperature: 0 ~ 45 ° C

Discharge temperature: -20 ~ 60 ° C

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 35 ° C

Temperature protection: 70 ° C ± 5 ° C

Battery case: sheet metal case

Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection, equalization, UART communication, etc.

Application areas: AGV logistics car railcars, etc.

Samsung 18650 lithium battery price

Panasonic, Samsung 18650 lithium battery retail is estimated to be 20-40 yuan. The price of 18650 lithium battery is proportional to the capacity. The larger the capacity, the larger the energy ratio. The more raw materials are used, the more expensive the price is. The general price is 10~30 yuan/piece. 10 series of Samsung 18650 lithium battery price a high-quality 18650 lithium battery price of a dozen yuan commonly used capacity is also 2000-2600, the price is about 25-40. Samsung can now buy a maximum capacity of 3000. The Sony Samsung 8650 lithium battery has a long service life, and the cycle life can reach 500 times or more in normal use, which is more than twice that of an ordinary battery.

Samsung 18650 lithium battery has small internal resistance and good quality. The internal resistance of polymer battery is smaller than that of general liquid battery. At present, the internal resistance of domestic polymer battery can even be less than 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self of the battery. Power consumption, extending the standby time of the mobile phone, can fully reach the level of international standards. This polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge currents is an ideal choice for remote control models and is the most promising alternative to nickel-metal hydride batteries.

The size of the Samsung 18650 lithium battery is fixed. Its maximum capacity has been the focus of many practitioners. In recent years, the technology of various manufacturers has been improved, and the capacity has increased accordingly. Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony, and Toshiba can all achieve 3600mAh or more. However, the best stability consistency is the capacity range of 2600~3000mAh. If it is to do the battery pack, it is best not to use the highest capacity. No matter the price/performance ratio and the battery pack life is not very cost-effective, it is not a battery. The higher the capacity, the more stable and long-lasting the use.

The above is the Samsung 18650 lithium battery parameters and price introduction, now do 18650 is better, mainly Panasonic, Samsung. 18650 lithium battery has high safety performance, no explosion, no burning; non-toxic, non-polluting, RoHS-certified; all kinds of safety performance in one go, the number of cycles is more than 500 times.