Attention for Mobile Charger Charger Usage

May 15, 2018

Latest company news about Attention for Mobile Charger Charger Usage

In life, we often encounter some minor problems when charging with Mobile Charging Pod. There are also many unintended dangers. For example, the mobile charging Po body will become hot when charging, and it may explode if heated for a long time

Therefore, we must pay attention to the following points:


1. When charging, it is best to write in accordance with the instructions do not charge too long, before charging a good time, control the charging time, strict control of electricity so as not to reduce the control of unnecessary harm.


2. Remember to use the Charging Po battery for charging and discharging not too often. Too often, it will shorten the lifespan of the charger and increase the chance of danger.


3. Usually cherish the treasure treasure point, usually do not pay attention to pressure, beat, strong shaking, so as not to cause a short circuit phenomenon.


4. Mobile Charging Po is also very delicate, need to be placed in ventilated, room temperature, dry conditions, remember not to save in hot, humid environment. Do not touch the light during use and avoid exposure to the sun. Avoid using it in some very harsh environments.


5. Pay more attention to it when using it normally. Please do not use it if there is an abnormality. If there is a drumming phenomenon, it is better not to use it. If it is used, it may explode. Try to replace it.


6. When charging the charging head, try to use the original match, or buy the same charging head. The data line is also the same, especially when charging, to use the same data line, adapter.


7. It is very important to choose the charging treasure. Try not to buy some mobile charging treasures with low price but bad quality and large capacity.


The above points are some of the points summed up by Wopin Technology. They often appear in daily use. Remember to handle them in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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