Beautiful Colorful Solar Curtain

January 27, 2018

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Beautiful Colorful Solar Curtain

Good new year present for your beauty


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Maybe We always complaint The color for domestic solar panel is blue or black , it really too ugly to accept, But there is good news from now on , beautiful colorful solar curtain have been invented in early of 2018.



Inventor Mr Nathan Webb who graduated from Royal academy of arts design a new type solar curtain “ Rolar Blinds” it looks very nice.

Rolar Blinds were designed similar as a graffiti-art with the special aesthetics character.the solar curtain made by translucence printing PV, there are three advantage, the first of all, the transmission for PV is good ,second the PVC can reduce the light of refinement in the day, finally , the PV flexibility is excellence.


There is small size rechargeable energy storage battery in the pull rod for curtain, the input is usb plug, so the curtain can charged for your mobile or small portable device, and the battery can be take out ,it is also a convenient power bank

How about you think ? it is really crazy production , right ?


Tac battery provide safe and high capacity lifepo4 energy storage battery for this production.