Can hotel shared chargers be cracked?

March 5, 2020

Can hotel shared chargers be cracked?


With the rapid development of shared charging business, you can easily find all kinds of shared chargers in public places such as Internet cafes, hotels, leisure clubs and other places in big cities.

Because it does not require a deposit and is easy to use, it is loved by many users. With the popularization of shared chargers, many methods on the Internet have emerged on how to hack shared chargers, in order to meet their own charging needs without paying fees. So is the scan code charger really so easy to crack?

There are several methods of cracking on the Internet. There are methods to replace the circuit board and modify the circuit board. Among them, replacing the circuit board is very impractical because of the cost problem. Therefore, this article only analyzes the problem of modifying the circuit board with the lowest cost. .

The most common cracking method is to modify the control signal on the shared charger circuit board, and modify the pins to achieve the effect of starting the charging service without going through the server. Such an approach is theoretically feasible.

But ... In fact, every manufacturer will embed a detection function in the circuit board produced by them, mainly to monitor the power supply status, prevent abnormalities such as leakage, and detect the current of the equipment to prevent equipment damage caused by its own abnormalities; at the same time, it will detect equipment The connection status with the server, without receiving the signal from the server, the charger itself cannot start. So the so-called cracking is impractical