Crisis PR: Why is Tesla higher than BYD?

December 4, 2019

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Crisis PR: Why is Tesla higher than BYD?


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Now most Tesla followers have seen the Tesla Model S catch fire in Seattle.

When the fire broke out, the only person in the vehicle escaped in a timely and safe manner, and emergency rescue personnel finally put out the fire. But when consumers see a photo with evidence of crime, it's not good for any company. Tesla's tens of thousands of potential buyers will think: fire + Tesla = bad luck happened.

When analysts at US investment company RW Baird downgraded the stock from "outperform" to "neutral" and told investors that the company would be at this "important milestone" in the next year and a half The shadow of the first wave of negative effects came. Tesla's shares fell 6.2% yesterday.

Tesla remained largely silent on this matter, only issuing the following official response to the media:

"The fire was caused by a direct impact of a large metal object on one of the 16 modules in the Model S battery pack. As each module in the battery pack was designed with fireproof materials to isolate any The potential damage is minimized, so the flame in the battery pack is limited to a small part of the front of the car. "(China Battery Network October 8)

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Many crisis public relations researchers are using the several steps of crisis public relations as a magic weapon for trial and error, that is, they must face the facts and sincerely apologize; tell the truth;

Tesla first encountered a car that caught fire because of a collision in the company's more than ten years of establishment. However, at the first time, Tesla did not come out and acknowledge its mistakes, but first explained The truth of the fire, and then cleverly told consumers that without Tesla's unique safety protection measures, the lives of people in the car may be insured. Turning crisis public relations into on-site technology promotion, Tesla is not high.

In the history of pure electric vehicle construction, the fire incident can be said to go hand in hand. This is also one of the reasons that caused the collapse and bankruptcy of many pure electric vehicle companies-battery technology is not enough. We recall that BYD, there were also fire incidents in cars, but after the incident, the news media were overwhelmingly questioning news, all questioning the safety of pure electric vehicles. BYD did not come out immediately to explain how the white incident happened, nor did it explain to consumers the safety performance of their products.

Horizontal comparison. The companies in our country are still far from foreign companies in brand research. This is seen in the crisis public relations of Tesla. Our gap is not only in the hard power of technology, but also in the soft power of brands. It is the source of our country's enterprises to grow up and learn from others with an open mind.