Energy storage helps 100% renewable energy supply in Jordanian refugee camps

July 13, 2019

Latest company news about Energy storage helps 100% renewable energy supply in Jordanian refugee camps

Azerlio, a Swedish energy storage company, is studying a way to store energy to ensure 100% self-sufficiency in electricity use in the Azraq refugee camp. Currently, approximately 70% of the electricity in the Azraq camp is provided by solar energy.

It is understood that UNHCR oversaw the completion of the installation of photovoltaic power generation projects in the Azraq refugee area in 2017. These photovoltaic projects currently provide about 70% of the electricity demand for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, and also make the Azraq refugee camp the world. The first refugee camp with a solar power station. The camp has more than 36,000 people and consists of four villages, including schools, health centers, police stations, markets and a hospital. About 60% of the residents are children.

Today, the UNHCR is looking for ways to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in electricity. Energy storage has a wide range of applications. In a grid-free area, energy storage can be used as a backup power source to provide people with the necessary energy needs. The Swedish Energy Storage Company is conducting a feasibility study to determine that its energy storage program will enable the camp to receive electricity at night. If the Swedish company's energy storage project is successful, then the Azraq refugee camp may also be the first 100% self-sufficient community, and this energy storage project may also be used in gridless areas around the world. As for the results of the study, the Swedish energy storage company recently announced that it will submit the results of the investigation to the UNHCR in Geneva, Switzerland in the second half of this year.