Energy Storage System terminology

June 19, 2023

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Single battery: Cell, composed of electrodes and electrolytes, constitutes the smallest unit of the battery pack module, which can store the obtained electrical energy in the form of chemical energy and convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

Battery Module: A battery module is a unit consisting of two or more batteries that are electrically connected.

Battery Cluster BC: Battery Cluster, which consists of several battery modules and circuit devices (monitoring and protection circuits, electrical and communication interfaces, and thermal management devices, etc.) connected by the circuit, depending on the application and the connection mode of the battery module.

Battery Subsystem: The battery subsystem is a collection of batteries connected to the same power conversion system that can collectively control the power input and output.



Battery System

BESS: Battery Energy Storage Station, which uses electrochemical batteries as energy storage components to store, convert and release electric energy.

Battery Management System (BMS) : battery management system, which detects the status of batteries (such as temperature, voltage, current, and charge status) and provides communication interfaces and protection for batteries.

PCS: Power Conversion System, which is equipped with energy storage battery packs and connected to the battery packs and the power grid, deposits the power grid energy into the battery packs or returns the energy of the battery packs to the power grid system, mainly composed of the converter and its control system.



Energy Storage Unit: Energy Storage Unit, battery pack, battery management system and connected power conversion system composed of the minimum energy storage system.

Battery module Management Unit (BMU) : A Battery Management Unit that manages a battery module, monitors the battery status (such as voltage and temperature), and provides communication ports for batteries.

Battery Cluster Management unit (BCMU) : battery cluster management unit (BCMU), which implements daily management and monitoring of battery clusters.

Battery System Management unit (BSMU) : battery system management unit (BSMU), which implements daily management and monitoring of battery cluster management units.



SOC: State of Charge: percentage of the remaining battery power.

SOE: State of Energy, remaining battery energy, for the vehicle, remaining mileage.

SOH: State of Health: Under standard conditions, the ratio of the energy discharged by a battery from the full state at a certain rate to the cut-off voltage to its corresponding nominal rated energy.