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China HONG KONG TAC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. certification
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Dear Davide, I leave you in Vivian's hands, I'm sure you will come to an agreement., Vivian is professional in our product.

—— Davide Bet

Here is the signed PI. Thank you , We hope

—— Mr Ander

12V 110Ah battery pack for solar product I like your solar battery pack. Good quality and delivery fast.

—— Eyal Dolev

The battery pack is more atractive for us . May I receive drawing of other pack 12V 20AH with dimentional info ? I need 50pcs to test .

—— Nizamettin

We have received the battery packs and performing tests have passed . We are impressed by the assembly. it is almost the best one . thank you

—— Alexander Kozhushko

Pictures show a nice battery pack, performance is ok , We need serial connected 4cells (4S1P) configuration with protection circuitry

—— George Komisar

big thanks for your work, we got the cargos last week, it seems nice.

—— Johnny Black

I think it is a good idea to solve the problem, I am really appreciate you would like to help us.

—— Simone Kowalk

yes , we received the batteries and chargers last Friday, Everything looks great,well packed, no damage and dlivered in the time frame as promised.

—— Met vriendelijke groet

Thanks for your input, we have checked each and every think and on our side every thing is great. Just proceed to submit the company documents to get approval.

—— Joey Schumer

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Energy Stored
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Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be saved in various forms. One way to store it is in the form of chemical energy in a battery. When connected in a circuit, energy stored in the battery is released to produce electricity.


If you look at a battery, it will have two ends: a positive terminal and a negative terminal. If you connect the two terminals with wire, a circuit is formed. Electrons will flow through the wire and a current of electricity is produced.


Energy Transfer


http://www.tacbattery.comIn this diagram, we shall look at a bigger picture of how energy is transferred from one object to another, and from one state to the other. Take a close look and read the notes below:

A: Sun, source of solar energy. It transfers thermal (heat) and light energy to plants, humans and animals.

B: River, streams and waterfalls moving downstream are all a source or water energy (HydroPower). They are a store of kinetic energy by their movement downstream. Waterfalls also have gravitational energy.

C: Thermal and light energy from the sun is stored in plants as chemical and potential energy. When humans eat (plants) the stored energy is transferred to us. We use this energy to do work.

D: Heat energy from the sun is transferred to water bodies. This warms the water up. The result is stored thermal energy. The warm water heats the air over it. Warm air rises, so the air is now set into motion. The moving air now has kinetic energy.

E: Kinetic energy in the moving air is a source of energy called Wind Energy. Wind can turn the blades and generate electrical energy, which we use in our homes.

F: Energy from the sun is captured as Solar energy by cells and panels on top of our roofs. Solar energy is then transferred into electrical energy, which we use to warm our homes and turn the TV and computers on.

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