How long is Huawei's mobile phone life?

November 5, 2019

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Huawei mobile phone is a medium-sized mobile phone manufacturer in China. It has a large human resources department, mobile phone products and sales integration, and Huawei mobile phones are cheaper and easier to enter the public life. In 2015, Huawei was selected as one of the top 100 global brands in BrandZ, ranking 16th in the technology sector.


Huawei's consumer business will adhere to the boutique strategy, the current product line has the extreme technology of the Mate series, the ultimate fashion of the P series, the ultimate of the G series and the enjoyable series.


The mobile phone battery has no specific service life. At present, the mobile phone adopts a lithium battery design, and has no memory function. At present, the current mobile phone battery price is relatively low. If it is damaged, it is recommended to replace it in time, and it is not necessary to care about the mobile phone battery damage. ,


According to the daily maintenance and frequency of use, the general situation can be 2-5 years.


1. The battery life of the mobile phone depends on the usage. Lithium batteries are generally 500cycle (cycle) after normal heavy discharge, battery life begins to decay. Generally, the quality of the battery is 500 cycles (cycle), the capacity can still reach 80%, and the difference can reach 60%.


2. The life of a lithium battery is "500 times", which means not the number of times of charging, but a period of charging and discharging. A charge cycle means that all of the battery's charge is from full to empty, and then from empty to full, which is not the same as charging. For example, a lithium battery used only half of its electricity on the first day and then fully charged it. If it is still the next day, it will be charged in half, and it will be charged twice in total. This can only be counted as one charging cycle, not two.


3. Non-removable battery The mobile phone has the biggest advantage in addition to being beautiful, reducing the size, and not easily causing power failure. It is the anti-theft function. Of course, it refers to the smart phone. If the security password is set, the security cannot be forcibly turned off without entering the security password. This can be used to locate the mobile phone for a period of time when the mobile phone is stolen, or remotely destroy the secret data in the mobile phone. Etc. For example, Apple phones are built-in batteries. And the built-in battery is not completely unremovable. If you want to change the battery, you can still replace the battery after the sale.


There are no problems in a few years, and now the battery technology is relatively mature.


But the use of time also has a lot to do with the habit. 1 First of all, do not have a lot of power to charge, frequent charging will damage the battery; 2 also do not bring the phone to high temperature or low temperature environment, otherwise it will damage the battery and reduce the battery life; 3 night before going to bed, it is best not to give Charging the phone, often charging the phone for a long time can also damage the battery.


In summary, reasonable use will also increase battery usage time.