How much is a 48V lithium battery?

October 30, 2020

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How much is a 48V lithium battery?


1. Definition of 48V lithium ion battery


The single cells on the market are generally around 3.7v, but in many cases the operating voltage range is slightly larger, it is obvious that there is a problem of insufficient voltage. At this time, battery packs and modular batteries that can increase the battery voltage will follow, and among many high-voltage batteries, 48v lithium-ion batteries have been widely used.


Compared with lead-acid batteries, 48V lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of small size, light weight, strong temperature adaptability, high charge and discharge efficiency, safety and stability, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection.


48V lithium ion batteries can be divided into ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium titanate batteries according to the positive electrode material.


Two, 48V Lithium ion Battery Price


The 48V lithium-ion battery is composed of multiple lithium batteries in series and parallel, because if a single battery is made of a 48v lithium battery, the efficiency and life of the battery are not very good.


48V lithium ion battery price estimation formula


Single lithium battery cell price x (3.6~3.7V*n=48v)*m (number of cells connected in parallel) + protection board price + shell price + auxiliary material price


Generally, the voltage of a single lithium battery cell is 3.6~3.7V, and its price will vary due to the different materials and processes used in the production of lithium battery manufacturers.