How often should I replace the battery? See how the manufacturer says it!

November 21, 2019

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Lithium-ion batteries (or similar products) are commonly used in today's notebook computers. Not long ago, personal computers, A4 laptops also used nickel-metal hydride batteries for temporary use. Before the mid-1990s, nickel-cadmium batteries were used.

First, please take a look at the operating instructions to confirm which type of battery is used. If there is no manual, you can check the battery specifications through the manufacturer's homepage.

The biggest problem with nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries is the memory effect. If the battery is not used up and charged (middle-way charging), the next time you use the battery, there will be no electricity in the place where the charging starts. If you continue to cycle this process, the battery life will be shorter and shorter.

Although the memory effect of nickel-metal hydride batteries is smaller than that of nickel-cadmium batteries, repeated mid-range charging is also the reason for shortening the life. Therefore, please try to charge the battery after it has been used up.

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so even if they are intermittently charged midway, there is no problem.

How to extend battery life

Although lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, the method of use also greatly affects the lifetime. Please note the following points when using a lithium ion battery:

Do not use AC power supply when fully charged

A fully charged state is more prone to aging than if it is not fully charged. In particular, when the battery is fully charged, the AC power supply is used, which imposes a heavy burden on the battery. At the same time, it also increases heat dissipation, further accelerating battery aging.

Therefore, when using a laptop temporarily, once it is fully charged, it is best to use the battery power first.

The manufacturer recommends removing the battery when using AC power (however, if you remove the battery, you must pay attention to accidents such as power outages or cable unplugging, and you will lose unsaved data).

Use power saving function

The factors that affect battery life are the number of times of charging and discharging. In order to minimize the number of times of charging, you can use the power saving function of the notebook (when using the battery driver, dim the screen brightness and reduce the CPU speed to reduce power consumption).

By the same token, when the battery has power, it is best not to charge as much as possible, and use up all the batteries.

Discharge completely once every few months

Another trick is to completely discharge the battery once every few months. The specific method is to always use the battery to zero power, stop using it after zero power, connect the AC adapter, and then do not use a personal computer to fill the battery.

Some personal computers have a battery discharge (BatteryRefresh) function. If you think the battery is not working well, you can try using the battery discharge function.

Unplug the AC adapter when not in use for a long time

When it is not used for more than 8 hours, please unplug the AC adapter in order not to burden the battery. Also, if it is not used for more than one month, remove the battery from the machine and place it in a cool place.

When do you change the battery?

The standard for replacing the battery is that it can only reach about 60% of the original capacity after charging.

Since there are many types of batteries, it is necessary to purchase the one on the personal computer that is being used. In addition, it is best not to buy spares in advance, because even if not used, the battery will naturally wear out.

There is now a service that does not require the purchase of a genuine battery, but rather discharges the battery currently in use to restore its performance. BAYSUN is one of them, and the performance of the battery can be restored in a week.

Compared with the purchase of genuine products, this method is not only cheap, but also convenient in situations where the manufacturer does not have inventory or the battery attached to the second-hand laptop cannot be used anymore.