how to issue professional 8D report ?

October 24, 2017

There is no doubt that it is the normal situation of the manufacturer received the complaint from customer . A famous slang in China said: it is great behavior if you would like to amend the mistake what are you made. So the manufacturer have to face the mistake directly & find what’s happened objectively and improve rapidly. the 8D report were existed in Quality control system just because of above reason


SO, What’s the major content for the 8D report ? how about the order for it ?

I am here share a little knowledge about it .


First of all ,show the analyze team of the production complaint, for example the person in charge of technology quality control manufacturing department etc.


The second , Describe the detail complaint information ,including of what’s the problem for the production ? how about the reject quantity? how about the reject rate etc.


The third, show the provisional solution: Support the customer solve the current problem urgently. Arrange the replacement as soon as possible from the inventory or form next order


The Forth, analyze the reject reason

Take the photos for original production before disassemble, and then take the photo and record for disassemble & checking step one by one, till found the reject reason


The Fifth , issue the reject summary , explain the root reason definitely.


The sixth, issue the solution and improve process


The seventh, Proved the improve process are workable and establish the quality control system individual

Test the improved production , and if the result show the solution are workable , Build new quality control file for this case and do with the new process to avoid mistake in the future.


The eight , show the prevention measures

Describe the prevention measure base on the reject root reason, for example amend wrong action, increase the check frequency etc.


The ninth , Tracking customer feedback,

There is one Item for customer feedback, the manufacture track the customer’s feedback continue so that keep the high quality.


You can show your professional responsible preciseness via 8D report so even you received the customer’s complaint, maybe it is not so bad.


By Tac Battery Quality Control team