How To Keep Lithium Batteries On The Plane

October 30, 2018

how to keep lithium batteries on the plane

Recently, the situation of self-ignition of the camera battery occurred on a flight. Fortunately, the crew members fired the fire in time, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. This situation has caused us to ponder the safety of lithium batteries.
Relevant persons stressed that the total amount of lithium batteries that you carry with you must not exceed two. One of them can be placed on the machine, and the other spare battery must be insulated and the positive and negative poles cannot be touched. “For example, you can put the lithium battery in the original production bag, or insulate the battery, and entangle the exposed electrode with tape.” In addition, each battery can be stored in a plastic bag and stored.
Lithium batteries are installed on the machine and are not foolproof. For other small appliances with lithium batteries carried by passengers, such as power tools, toys, etc., it is necessary to prevent accidental start-up protection. In the absence of this device, the lithium battery must also be uninsulated.


HK TAC Technology Department