how to use the Electric Cabinet

June 19, 2019

Electric vehicles are light and labor-saving, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and moderately priced. They have become one of the most important means of transportation for people. According to relevant statistics, the annual output of electric vehicles in China has stabilized at around 30 million in 2018. The rider is the fastest growing force in the electric car army. Not only the express delivery and take-out platform, with the development of the new retail concept, the e-commerce warfare has been extended from the line to the offline. The instant logistics distribution mode of “very fast delivery” has become the mainstream, and the logistics speed war has become the focus of the industry. For a large number of distribution brothers on different platforms, in order to avoid the interference of urban congestion on the basis of guaranteed speed, electric vehicles become the most important tools used in terminal logistics. Nowadays, the number of electric vehicle management regulations in the city is urgently in the process, and the number of electric vehicles in the real-time logistics industry “riding hands” is still growing.


The biggest problems encountered by electric vehicles are mainly concentrated on the traditional replacement of lead-acid batteries, inconvenient charging, long charging time, and safety hazards. For the distribution of the rider pair, the battery charging time, the middle of the power outage will directly lead to the failure to receive orders and delivery delays, revenues sharply reduced, in order to protect business volume, save time, improve capacity, fast and safe charging has also become an urgent solution. problem.

Changing the battery cabinet is a fast-changing product for the knights, outsourcing delivery brothers, courier brothers and other electric vehicles. It has changed the electricity usage scene of traditional electric vehicles. The power cabinets are similar in terms of product form. Like the courier cabinet, the batteries are placed in one cabinet door, and the battery is borrowed and returned by controlling the opening of each cabinet door.

Wanwei IOT will put the change cabinet in the electric vehicle maintenance point or the old charging place, which is the place where the battery car gathers more. In order to prevent the user from finding the battery before the battery is found, the battery cabinet can also support the battery reservation. Reserve the battery online in advance, and borrow it before and after the cabinet. Also, the battery for the replacement cabinet is made of lithium battery, which is lighter and more durable.


How to use it ?

the battery pack put in cabinet.

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