Improper storage of lithium batteries for five years caused fires

August 20, 2020

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Improper storage of lithium batteries for five years caused fires


A fire broke out in a company. The fire was caused by spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries in the unsalable goods warehouse on the east side of the company.


It is reported that when the security guard on duty in the industrial park was patrolling, he saw fires and a lot of thick smoke on the third floor of the three factories. The fire continued to "crack" like firecrackers during the burning process, and the sound continued for a while. The security guard on duty immediately dialed 119 to report to the police. After receiving the police, the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene for rescue. The fire police of Baoan Zhennan Police Station also went to the scene to assist and investigate. After rescue, the fire was successfully extinguished. The fire was located in the unsalable goods warehouse on the east side of Shenzhen Hanzhisheng Electric Co., Ltd. on the 3rd floor of Building 3, Jianda Industrial Park. The fire was the lithium battery of the unsalable audio system. Due to the storage time of the lithium battery A fire caused by spontaneous combustion occurred over a long period of time, covering an area of ​​about 200 square meters, burning down unsalable audio products, office supplies, and a small amount of finished product inventory. Fortunately, no casualties were caused.


The police brought the person in charge of the unit back for investigation. The unit is Shenzhen Hanzhisheng Electric Co., Ltd. The company mainly produces small speakers with MP3 functions and has 40 employees. The company has three warehouses, including electronic materials, finished products, and slow-moving goods warehouses. The person in charge of the unit stated that a batch of unsalable audios were stored in the unsalable goods warehouse. These unsold audios have been stored in the warehouse for five years and have not been moved, and the lithium batteries in these audios did not expect to be separated at that time. And handle it properly. The fire police told reporters that improper battery storage in the warehouse or battery quality problems caused the lithium battery to produce a short circuit, which could easily cause the battery to heat up, ignite and explode. The safety management of the unit was not in place, and the danger and harmful factors of lithium batteries were also recognized. Not in place, the warehouse management is chaotic, and the battery storage time is long, which caused the fire. The fire department will deal with the unit according to laws and regulations.


How to store lithium batteries without long-term use


1. If the lithium battery is not used for a long time, it should be charged with 50%~80% of the power, and be removed from the instrument and stored in a dry and cool environment. The battery should be charged every 3 months to avoid excessive storage time and self-discharge of the battery. The power is too low, causing irreversible capacity loss.


2. The self-discharge of the lithium battery is affected by the ambient temperature and humidity. High temperature and humidity will accelerate the self-discharge of the battery. It is recommended to store the battery in a dry environment between 0°C and 20°C