Introduction of China's electric vehicle shared battery

June 19, 2019

Latest company news about Introduction of China's electric vehicle shared battery

What's the  electric vehicle shared battery


After the sharing of bicycles, electric bicycles "shared power exchange cabinets" appeared on the streets of first-tier cities in China, which were specially used for electric vehicles in the electric exchange mode, which can effectively solve the fire hazards such as heavy weight, long charging time and short circuit caused by charging.


There is story for Ms Liu in NanLing GuangXi

Ms. Liu and her family ride electric bicycles  from home to company  every day. Although the “E-bike” is economically convenient, it can’t be traveled for a long time or a long distance. It also brings some inconvenience to her: “When you drive, the car will drive away. There is no electricity, there is no electricity to push the cart, push back, it is very hard! It is not convenient to find the roadside charging, because the battery fast charge is easy to break, the manufacturers are not replaced."


On November 11 2018, Ms. Liu discovered that there was an electric bicycle charging cabinet near Jiangnan Wanda (on CBD for Nanling Guangxi ) . She heard that it was equipped for the new light and elegant electric vehicle. When she learned that the lithium battery of this new type of electric vehicle can be separated from the body, it is lighter than the traditional "electric shovel" by 50 kilograms. She immediately planned to buy it.


Different from the traditional electric bicycle, the “replacement” form adopted by the light electric vehicle can separate the battery bound to the vehicle from the vehicle. When the battery is exhausted, the user can find the power of the nearby power station through the APP. Navigation to completely solve the battery life.


Ms. Liu said : "I feel very good, because technology should change the future. Like this kind of innovation, there is no need to fear where the battery is without electricity, the fire function is also very good, and the car is relatively light and convenient to use."


Tac battery R&D team issue this battery pack and electric cabinet form June.2019