Lead carbon battery basics information

June 19, 2023

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Some customers entrust Xuzhou to purchase lead-acid batteries and lead-carbon batteries. Xuzhou Energy, which specializes in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, said it was helpless. Taking this opportunity, Xuzhou Energy has learned and sorted out the basic concept of lead-carbon batteries and simple lead-acid battery classification information, and shared it with you.


Lead carbon cell

Lead-carbon battery is a capacitive lead-acid battery, which is a technology evolved from the traditional lead-acid battery. It adds activated carbon to the negative electrode of the lead-acid battery, which can significantly improve the life of the lead-acid battery.

Lead-carbon battery is a new type of super battery, which combines lead-acid battery and supercapacitor: it not only plays the advantages of instantaneously large-capacity charging of supercapacitors, but also plays the specific energy advantages of lead-acid batteries, and has very good charge-discharge performance - it can be fully charged in 90 minutes (if lead-acid batteries are charged and discharged in this way, the life span is less than 30 times). Moreover, due to the addition of carbon (graphene), the phenomenon of negative sulphate is prevented, which improves a factor of battery failure in the past and extends battery life. [1-3]

Chinese name

Lead carbon battery

Foreign name

Pb-C Battery


New energy storage


The most advanced technology in the field of lead-acid batteries

Battery type

Capacitive lead-acid battery

Research and development company

Furukawa Battery, Axion Power


In order to facilitate understanding, Xuzhou Energy has also organized a mind map, including the classification of lead-acid batteries, the principle and advantages and disadvantages of lead-carbon batteries.



Lead carbon battery and then lead acid battery based on the technology upgrade. Due to the use of lead-carbon technology, the performance of lead-carbon batteries is far better than that of traditional lead-acid batteries, and can be applied to new energy vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other fields; It can also be used in the field of new energy storage, such as wind power storage. Lead-carbon batteries have the advantages of low price and mature industrial manufacturing base similar to traditional lead-acid batteries, and have strong competitive advantages in various application fields. This hybrid technology enables the rapid output and input of electric charges during acceleration and braking, and is particularly suitable for "stop-start" systems in micro-hybrids. The lead-carbon battery can increase the power of the original lead-acid battery and extend the service life.




As a professional new energy solution provider, Xuzhou Energy recommends the use of energy storage lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a life of up to 6000 times +, which is more suitable for the field of new energy storage.