Lithium battery assemble knowledge

June 26, 2018

What is meant by eight battery blocks in a series with 12 batteries, 2S6P? Would this mean that the total battery pack is 96 cells? If one cell is 3.3V, how is the total voltage then 48V?

2S6P means 2 cells in series, 6 cells in parallel. This would be a 12-cell pack (2x6). Series cells add up voltage, parallel cells add up amperage (capacity and maximum current).

It looks like the nominal voltage of the cells in question is 3V. Maybe 3.3V when fully charged, but an average of 3V throughout its use. 3V is a pretty common cell voltage (ie. lithium manganese). Otherwise it doesn’t look like the math would add up. If this pack were made of the more common 3.7V li-ion cells, it’d be 59.2V nominal, and the battery would output a minimum of 48V and a maximum of 67.2V.

Each battery, being 2S (two cells in series), would be 6 volts (2 cells * 3V). This 3V pattern is duplicated 6 times for extra power and capacity.


2S6P battery = 6-volt battery pack made of 12 3-volt cells

8 battery blocks in series would be 48V (8 batteries times 6 volts per battery). Each of these 8 batteries contains 12 cells, so that’s 96 cells.


6S*(2S6P) = 12S6P battery pack