On the "life" of winter power batteries, how to maintain long-term "health"

March 27, 2020

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On the "life" of winter power batteries, how to maintain long-term "health"


Winter is the most difficult season for electric vehicles. A series of problems such as shortened battery life and failure to charge the electricity have plagued car owners. Coinciding with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic this winter, everyone responded to the state ’s call for isolation at home. Many car owners are worried that long-term “quarantine” will cause the car that was plagued by the winter to be worse. Because the vehicle is left for a long time, it may cause the battery to lose power and cause safety issues. We cannot ignore it. How often should the battery be replaced? How to maintain it? Let ’s talk about the battery.
Is it reasonable for a 4S store to require a three-year battery replacement?
Replacing the battery in three years is a relatively "luxury" thing. In fact, there is no three-year battery life. The so-called three-year battery replacement is only based on a relative basis, which is not an absolute value. The owner can completely change the battery according to his love. The use of the car determines the time to replace the battery.
As for the 4S store's proposal to replace it for three years, it is because after the battery is used for three years, there will be some performance degradation problems. Of course, it can be replaced or continued to be used. The recommendation of the 4S shop is only an insurance practice. Manufacturers will choose the average value, and three years is the ideal replacement time.
When to change the battery for your car?
The battery is the only power point of the vehicle, and its working state can directly affect the normal operation of a vehicle. When the battery capacity is reduced to about 80%, it is generally recommended to replace it. Because when the electric capacity is lower than this value, there may be many uncontrollable problems. It is not that the battery will completely fail in the short term, but there is a certain probability that it will cause safety risks. Once the battery is aged, the internal resistance will increase, and the battery will accelerate the rate of power loss when it is naturally discharged at the same time. Then, some risks of overheating or loss of control may occur if it is not used properly.
How to maintain your car now?
At the time of the outbreak of winter, if the vehicle does not start for a long time, it may fail to ignite, and the battery is prone to problems such as accelerated decay in low temperature environments. Once there is a large amount of power loss, the vehicle will not start properly and the battery May be scrapped. For the battery, improper maintenance or daily use will cause battery loss, and these are not a small expense if the battery is replaced.
At the moment of the epidemic, many vehicles have been parked for a few days and have not been used for a long time. All car owners should consider charging the battery. Many models now support remote start function, which can avoid immune problems and is very convenient. It is recommended that you start the vehicle at idle every 20 minutes or so to charge the battery.
If the car is not used for a long period of time, the owner should disconnect all on-board electrical appliances and batteries in the car, such as USB, cigarette lighter and driving recorder, so as to effectively prevent the battery from losing power. Of course,


There are correct steps to cut off the power, first cut off the negative electrode and then cut off the positive electrode to have the best protection for the battery.

Form good habits everyday:
1. Do not modify high-power electrical equipment in the car at will;
2. Don't turn on the air conditioner, headlights and other electrical appliances for a long time after parking and turning off;
3. Usually pay attention to cleaning the positive and negative terminals of the battery, remove the oxidation products or sulfides on the surface, or use Vaseline to prevent rust after rust removal
4. Don't ignite the engine frequently for a long time, this will increase the speed of battery power generation;
5. Electric vehicles need to periodically change the gear oil, and regularly lubricate the gears, bearings and reduction parts of electric motors to ensure their normal operation;
6. Change the antifreeze regularly.
It is predicted that the epidemic will have to wait at least until March to restore normal order. Therefore, during this period, you mainly charge the battery of your car regularly, because once the battery loses power, it will affect the normal start of the vehicle and delay the subsequent trip.