Pure electric car power battery storage safety hazard car enterprise development center will change?

January 4, 2019

China Energy Storage Network News: Foreign media reports that Tesla is unique in its efforts to develop electric vehicles when global car companies focus on internal combustion engines. In 2018, Tesla Roadster competed with other car companies to cause global car companies to transform from diesel locomotives to electric vehicles.

Although the car companies in the industry are actively implementing the electrification of vehicles, they still retain the internal combustion engine models. In order to maximize the speed of the car, many car companies are committed to improving the performance of the engine, designed to provide performance support. At the same time, car companies have also built batteries and electric motors.

As batteries are used as an alternative energy source for petroleum fuels, the entire development path of vehicles and the focus of car companies have undergone fundamental changes. Pure electric vehicles mainly rely on lithium-ion battery cells, and by virtue of the number advantage, the vehicle's cruising mileage is increased. Not long ago, the emergence of Rimac Concept One in the industry set off Poland, this is a pure pure electric super run.

However, electric vehicles also have flaws, battery failures cause the vehicle to catch fire, or cause casualties. If a car battery of a pure electric vehicle integrates 8000 batteries, if it is really ignited, the fire can be burned for five days in a row.

Although pure electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly and economical, they still need to solve various hidden dangers so that people can use them with confidence. Until then, diesel locomotives will still occupy a place.