TAC and TWS Earphone Battery

June 18, 2020

Latest company news about TAC and TWS Earphone Battery

TAC   and TWS earphone battery


TAC Battery Lithium factory GreatPower has mass-produced lithium batteries since 2002 and is an established consumer lithium battery company. In 2018, the company's consumption of lithium batteries achieved approximately 1 billion yuan in revenue, and the five-year compound growth rate was about 16%, which was stable. The business of TWS and ETC is catalyzed in the short term, and the growth rate is very high. The company is a core supplier of TWS and ETC batteries and is expected to share high-growth markets with customers.


TWS supporting batteries mainly include button batteries inside the earphones and soft pack batteries in the charging box. The company has been providing this type of button and soft pack batteries to many companies with sufficient technology and production capacity reserves. Recently, the TWS market has recently been catalyzed, and major mobile phone manufacturers have increased their research and development and launch of the product. With extensive experience, TAC will enjoy a first-mover advantage in securing orders, and it is expected that this business will explode and grow in 2020.


The latest rechargeable button battery developed and produced by TAC is mainly used in TWS earphone products. It has the characteristics of fast charging, long cycle life, high safety and reliable structure, and a wide temperature range. The models include: ICR1254, ICR1454, ICR1654, ICR9440, ICR1054, ICR1440 and many other products with different specifications.

Feng-Mi Technology recently launched a  AI wireless smart headset in accordance with the trend. The battery uses TAC 1254 button-type lithium battery.