Tesla Model S Battery PACK System Brings "New Revolution" 1/2

April 3, 2019

In the field of electric vehicles, Tesla is like Apple in smartphones, a kind of PALACE-LEVEL existence. Tesla 21700 battery set off a "cylindrical storm" worldwide, while Model S electric car is a more subversive product, its use of modular chassis battery PACK system is as revolutionary as the IOS system of Apple mobile phone.

Tesla Modular PACK System Leads the Industry
Tesla has built a unique chassis PACK system, which integrates batteries, PACK and frame into one. Under the condition of guaranteeing strength, it effectively reduces the weight of PACK. At the same time, the energy density of the whole vehicle has been improved, creating the world's top high-performance electric products, and becoming the vane of modular production of electric vehicles. Modular and intelligent production is the main trend of electric vehicle development in the future. Its core is modular battery system, while the core of modular battery system is power battery PACK system based on body integration.

As we all know, battery PACK is the core energy source of electric vehicle, which provides driving power for the whole vehicle. Each process of battery PACK is full of technical content, including customized development technology of battery management system, thermal management technology, current control and detection technology, module assembly design technology, casting technology of aluminium alloy power battery outer box, computer virtual development technology, etc. PACK, as a key step in the production, design and application of power battery system, is the key link between upstream battery production and downstream vehicle operation. The PACK grouping technology level of power battery pack is directly related to the power performance and safety performance of electric vehicles.
China's power battery PACK industry lags behind Japan and Korea

With the vigorous development of new energy automotive industry, the production scale of power battery PACK industry is also increasing year by year. The data show that the global power battery PACK market has reached US$38.6 billion (RMB 264 billion) in 2017, and the global power battery PACK market is expected to reach US$186.3 billion (RMB 1273.9 billion) by 2023. In recent years, China's power battery PACK industry has also maintained rapid growth, the scale of 2017 has reached 78.8 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2019, China's power battery PACK industry will form a market scale of more than 100 billion yuan.

In terms of market share, the global power battery PACK market is almost monopolized by Japan, China and Korea, in which Japan is in a leading position. According to the data, the market size of power battery PACK industry in Japan reached 21.6 billion US dollars (RMB 1477 yuan) in 2017, accounting for 56% of the world's share, ranking first; the market size of power battery PACK industry in China reached 8.9 billion US dollars (RMB 788 yuan) in 2017, accounting for about 23% of the world; and the market size of power battery PACK industry in Korea increased to 6.9 billion US dollars (RMB 788 yuan) in 2017. RMB 472 yuan, accounting for about 18% of the world.
Technically speaking, the PACK industry of power battery in China started relatively late, and its development level is relatively backward compared with Japan, Korea and other countries. At present, the main problems in PACK industry of power batteries in China are as follows: first, the process consistency is poor, it is difficult to control the details of each process and lack of overall consistency; there is no unified standardization system and mature process flow in the industry, and the overall quality of relevant technical personnel needs to be improved. Second, because of the large technological gap and the advanced equipment abroad, some domestic power battery enterprises tend to purchase equipment internationally, despise their own research and development, forming a vicious circle.