The lithium-ion battery pack does not discharge ,What shall we do ?

October 30, 2020

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Why does the lithium-ion battery pack not discharge?


The phenomenon that the lithium-ion battery pack does not discharge: After charging the lithium-ion battery pack into the device, the device cannot work, and the open circuit voltage of the battery pack does not change or changes little.

1) Check whether the battery/battery pack is zero voltage, high internal resistance battery;

2) Whether the electronic components and protection circuits in the battery pack are damaged;

3) Check whether the discharge circuit of the equipment is normal.

4) Whether the tabs are broken, forming a disconnection

Treatment method for non-discharge of lithium ion battery pack:

1) Use a fully charged battery/battery pack of the same type to connect to the device, and whether the device is working properly

2) Use a multimeter to check whether the electronic components and the protection circuit inside the battery are normal.

3) Repeat the analysis and processing of the single cell zero voltage step;

4) If the discharge circuit of the electrical appliance is abnormal, it is recommended that the customer repair and replace the electrical appliance in time;

5) If the customer does not modify the battery pack by himself, a dedicated technician is required for further analysis.