The right to extend laptop battery life charge and discharge

December 4, 2018

In general, start charging, if we can select the charge mode, do not select the fast charge mode (Express charge mode), to avoid premature battery "full." When the battery is low prohibit the use of the highest CPU performance in order to reduce the power of the competition. If the laptop's CPU to support SpeedStep technology, it can be easily adjusted performance. SpeedStep program icon is a blue flag, right-click performance tuning options it can occur. In Windows XP system, SpeedStep program may be problems, this time can only modify the computer's BIOS parameters, or use some brand-specific conditioning program.


Laptop battery protection circuit components are usually regulator block, the control chip, insurance, and temperature probes. Temperature protection is usually one-off, the inside has a fuse (fuse some 130 ℃), used to monitor the work of the regulator block. If the charge-discharge process exceptions, immediately there is a current through the temperature protection will be the fuse blows, the battery's internal circuitry at this time for the off state, and can not be restored. If you want to repair only the replacement of the temperature protection, temperature protection, but this is difficult to find on the market. Therefore, battery maintenance costs are higher.


Cell loss will certainly be after use, so users will find less and less battery "by use." If you find a great battery consumption, you can use special fix to restore the battery performance, such as THINK and other laptop with a power management program. If there is no fix available 2 or 3 times to restore the repeated charge and discharge. Some people think the battery is full after unplug the external power supply, and then shut down until the battery has run out completely discharged. In fact not the case. Battery warning appears after the shutdown state before you enter the BIOS, does not operate, until the computer shuts down only truly fully discharged. Also, do not start charging a charge on the turn, the best re-boot every few minutes, if the charger indicator light, then started charging indicator will flash, until the time is not flash and then boot.


sure , if the battery pack can not work anymore,you need replace the truth 100% capacity battery cell

most of the laptop battery pack is Lithiun-ion battery pack ICR18650  14.8v  2600mah to 2900mah

High consistency between each cell is very important for it



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